Episode 55: [Interview] Reclaim Your Wellness Using the EECO Methodology with Dr. Christine Schaffner

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Reclaim Your Wellness Using the EECO Methodology

Dr. Christine Schaffner and Sinclair Kennally discuss the significance of addressing overlooked root causes and integrating biofield therapies for the effective treatment of chronic conditions. Interference fields, such as dental work, scars, and focal infections, disrupt the body's healing abilities. Dental work, like amalgam fillings, should be safely removed. Scars disrupt the body's systems, but Neurotherapy helps release trauma. Silent focal infections, like tonsils and sinuses, impact the immune system.

Dr. Schaffner highlights the importance of working with a biological dentist and using 3D cone beam technology to identify interference fields. Her recommended strategy involves removing oral insults, improving the oral microbiome, and addressing insults and infections in cervical lymph nodes. This supports lymph movement, and drainage, and alleviates mast cell activity from vagus nerve dysfunction.

Biofield therapies utilize sound, light, and frequency to promote healing by addressing interference fields. Neurotherapy unblocks the body, aiding scars, ganglion injections, and tonsils. BPC 157 helps with inflammation and mast cells.

Dr. Schaffner believes the biofield is the blueprint of our physiology and incoherent patterns disrupt our bodies. Incorporating biofield therapies, like light therapy, sound healing, and frequency therapies, improves coherent communication within the body.

Ancestral healing is important, and family constellation work helps address unresolved traumas in the family line. This heals the transmitted field and affects present and future offspring.

Patients should not overlook root causes and work with healthcare practitioners to address them. By addressing interference fields and incorporating biofield therapies, rapid results can be achieved in treating chronic conditions. Understanding subtle energies presents an exciting frontier for the future.



  • These root causes disrupt the body's ability to heal and regulate itself, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing them for effective treatment of chronic conditions.
  • The incorporation of biofield therapies, including sound, light, and frequency, is emphasized as a means to promote healing. These therapies target interference fields and help restore coherent communication within the body, potentially leading to rapid results in treating chronic conditions.
  • The importance of ancestral healing and resolving unresolved traumas within the family line is discussed. Family Constellation work is recommended as a way to address these traumas, heal the transmitted field, and have a positive impact on present and future offspring.



  • [05:00] Discussion on cavitations and root canal teeth
  • [11:00] Symptoms of chronic conditions are often non-localized and overlooked
  • [17:00] Importance of vagus nerve in long COVID and tools for supporting its function
  • [21:00] Paraspinal injections and their benefits for neurological conditions and pain
  • [24:00] The biofield as the blueprint of our physiology and its connection to trauma
  • [28:00] Meditation, gratitude, and heart-brain coherence for biofield support
  • [30:00] How Family Constellation works as a tool for healing ancestral trauma


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