Episode 57: [Interview] How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health with Debi Silber

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How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health
Dr. Debi Silber is the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute founder and a multi-bestselling author. With over 30 years of experience in the wellness space, she specializes in helping individuals heal from betrayal and transform their lives.

Dr. Debi Silber, the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, discusses the impact of betrayal on our physical and emotional health. She shares three groundbreaking discoveries from her study on betrayal, including the unique nature of betrayal as a crisis, the collection of symptoms known as a post-betrayal syndrome, and the five stages of healing and transformation. Dr. Silber emphasizes the importance of moving through these stages and offers advice for those who are ready to heal and rebuild their lives after betrayal.

  • Betrayal feels different from other traumas because it is intentional and personal.
  • Post-betrayal syndrome is a collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms common to those who have experienced betrayal.
  • Healing from betrayal involves five stages: shock and trauma, survival instincts, finding a new normal, healing and rebirth, and transformation.
  • It is essential to prioritize emotional and spiritual well-being in addition to physical and mental health.
  • Healing from betrayal is hard work but can lead to transformative growth and a new sense of self.

  • [00:01] Dr. Silber's Personal Experience with Betrayal and Her Journey
  • [03:00] Three Groundbreaking Discoveries about Betrayal
  • [10:00] The Five Stages of Healing from Betrayal
  • [17:00] The Impact of Betrayal on Relationships and personal growth
  • [25:00] The Opportunity for Transformation and Growth after Betrayal
  • [29:00] The Importance of Perseverance and Progress in the Healing Process
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