Episode 58: [Interview] Open Your Eyes: How Big Pharma is Poisoning You with Kelly Brogan

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In today’s episode of Your Health Reset podcast, Sinclair Kennally features Kelly Brogan, a respected psychiatrist, author, and holistic women's health expert. Gain insights into her passion for addressing the root causes of mental illness and her commitment to guiding individuals toward true healing and personal freedom.

In this engaging conversation, Brogan candidly shares her personal journey and the reasons behind her disillusionment with the conventional psychiatric approach. Discover the transformative moments that led her to question the prevailing paradigm and embark on a different path toward holistic healing.

Brogan emphasizes the importance of authenticity and genuine well-being in the healing process. Explore her powerful mantra of "getting real, getting well, and getting free" as she highlights the significance of addressing underlying factors contributing to mental illness. Discover how embracing this approach can lead to profound transformation and lasting freedom.

Brogan's holistic approach extends beyond traditional psychiatric methods to embrace the power of self-care, self-compassion, and self-sovereignty. Delve into the transformative potential of these practices as she emphasizes their role in reclaiming one's autonomy and personal power. Gain inspiration to nurture yourself and cultivate compassion while embarking on the path toward true healing and freedom.


  • Mental illness is often rooted in childhood trauma and societal programming that tells us our true selves that are not acceptable.
  • Conventional psychiatry often relies on medications as a quick fix, but these medications can perpetuate issues that have not meant to resolve.
  • Important to know the alternative approaches to mental health and explore options beyond medication.
  • Psychiatric medications can be a challenging process that requires support and a deep understanding of one's own needs and desires.
  • True healing and freedom come from reconnecting with our intuition, addressing the root causes of mental illness, and embracing our unique gifts and potential.


  • [01:00] Kelly's journey and beliefs around mental illness
  • [03:00] The three parts of the journey get real, get well, and get free
  • [07:00] The importance of educating ourselves about mental health
  • [09:00] The paradigm of pharmaceuticals for mental illness
  • [15:00] The process of coming off psychiatric medications
  • [21:00] The healing process and reconnecting with intuition
  • [23:00] The journey of self-discovery and reclaiming personal power

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