Episode 60: [Interview] Reclaim Your Ability to Sleep and Produce Energy with Ari Whitten

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Sinclair Kennally brings on guest, Ari Witten, a health expert with a degree in kinesiology and spent over a decade studying health science. Ari is passionate about helping people recover their energy levels and optimize their health.

Ari dives deep into his journey of battling severe fatigue and discovering the extraordinary world of mitochondria. In this discussion, Ari shines a light on the three critical layers of mitochondrial function: how they respond to stress, the impact of nutrient deficiencies, and their cellular capacity. It is not just about taking supplements; He is passionate about addressing the root causes of low energy levels to empower lasting vitality. He shares the significance of circadian rhythm, nutrition, environmental toxicants, gut health, light balance, and hormetic stress in optimizing energy levels. 

Tune in today’s episode and experience a mind-blowing journey with Ari Whitten as we uncover the hidden potentials of mitochondria and how you can elevate your energy levels to new heights.



  • Mitochondria are far more than energy generators – they are cellular defenders and environmental sensors, influencing your overall health.

  • Understanding how mitochondria respond to danger signals is crucial in determining your energy production levels.

  • Nutrient deficiencies can be a primary culprit behind mitochondrial dysfunction and low energy levels.

  • Unravel the secrets of your energy optimization with the power of circadian rhythm, nutrition, environmental factors, gut health, light balance, and hormetic stress.


  • [03:00] Misconceptions about Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • [08:00] Three Layers of Mitochondrial Function
  • [16:00] Importance of Circadian Rhythm and Different Types of Light
  • [39:00] Favorite Tools for Energy Support and Recovery
  • [42:00] Advice for those Struggling with Low Energy and Hope for Improvement


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