Episode 59: [Interview] How to Improve Gut Health Without Pills and Potions with Sachin Patel

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Sachin Patel is a renowned health expert passionate about helping people address the root causes of their health and achieve optimal well-being. His extensive knowledge in functional medicine has empowered countless individuals to improve their gut health and overall wellness.

Sachin delves into the importance of gut health and its profound impact on our overall well-being. He unravels the intricate connection between the gut, brain, and skin, shedding light on how gut dysfunction can manifest in various health issues. He underscores the pivotal role of the gut immune function, emphasizing and prioritizing gut health as a key to optimal well-being throughout the body.

He introduces the five Cs of digestion: choose, chew, chill, cherish, and check. These guide principles provide a holistic approach to nourishing your gut, from making food choices, chewing your food correctly, cultivating a relaxed environment while eating, expressing gratitude for your meals, and monitoring your stool while considering annual stool tests. From these practices, you can transform your digestive health and unlock the pathway to optimal wellness.



  • Gut health is crucial for overall well-being and with a significant role in immune function.
  • The five Cs of digestion are: choose the right foods, chew food correctly, chill and relax while eating, cherish and be grateful for the food, and check the stool and consider annual stool tests.
  • Breathing correctly and shifting into a parasympathetic state is essential for optimal digestion and overall health.


  • [01:00] Gut's Role in Overall Health and Immune System
  • [03:00] Five Cs for Improving Digestion: Choose, Chew, Chill, Cherish, Check
  • [10:00] The Role of Self-awareness and Intuition in Healing
  • [16:00] The Power of Breath and Self-awareness in Healing
  • [19:00] The Body's Innate Intelligence and the Importance of Listening to Our Bodies


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