Episode 63: [Interview] European Biological Medicine: Trust Your Gut with Sharon Stills

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Welcome to another episode of Your Health Reset! Sinclair brings on Dr. Sharon Stills, who focus on hormone dysregulation during pivotal life stages like menopause. Her holistic approach resonates through her dedication to uncovering root causes and empowering women to take charge of their well-being.

 In this captivating conversation, Dr. Stills weaves a tapestry of insights, emphasizing the necessity of treating hormone imbalances from their origins. Discover why hormonal harmony extends beyond mere hormone levels and how lifestyle elements like nutrition, hydration, sleep, and emotional well-being conduct a symphony of equilibrium within your body. Unveil the secret behind a thriving lymphatic system, the conductor in maintaining hormonal balance, and learn the art of proper drainage and detoxification.

Menopause, often misunderstood, takes center stage as Dr. Stills illuminates its significance as a natural transition rather than an ailment. Embrace this phase's wisdom and beauty while understanding the importance of proactive and personalized care. With Dr. Stills as your guide, embark on a journey that births creativity, connection, and a renewed sense of self.



  • Root-Cause Revelation: Dr. Stills unveils the power of addressing root causes and the holistic puzzle of hormonal well-being.
  • Lymphatic Luminary: Discover the pivotal role of the lymphatic system and the magic of proper drainage and detoxification.
  • Lifestyle Alchemy: Uncover the transformative impact of nutrition, hydration, sleep, and emotional well-being on your hormonal symphony.
  • Embrace Menopause: Rewrite the narrative around menopause, viewing it as a time of empowerment, creativity, and connection.



  • 01:00 Hormone Imbalances are Often Overlooked and Treated Myopically
  • 03:00 Importance of Evaluating the Body and Looking at Root Causes
  • 12:00 Importance of Emotional Well-being and its Connection to Lymphatic Flow
  • 26:00 The Importance of Proactive Care During Perimenopause
  • 30:00 Menopause as a Transition and Embracing the Wisdom of Aging

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