Episode 64: [Interview] The 30,000-Foot View on Health with Tom O'Bryan

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Welcome to another enlightening episode of "Your Health Reset" with your host, Sinclair Kennally. Today, we're diving deep into functional medicine and inflammation awareness with the renowned health expert Dr. Tom O'Bryan. If you've been searching for answers to lingering health issues, this episode is your compass toward vitality.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan takes us on a journey beyond the surface, urging us to take a 30,000-foot view of our health concerns. With his decades of expertise, Dr. O'Bryan reveals the hidden culprit behind countless ailments—chronic inflammation. But it doesn't stop there; he unveils the keys to understanding inflammation's intricate mechanisms and how they hold the solutions we seek.

Have you ever wondered why your health efforts haven't been yielding results? Dr. O'Bryan's insights hold the key. From discussing the game-changing Zoomer tests, offering unprecedented accuracy in detecting inflammation triggers, to exposing the sneaky impacts of toxins and chemicals on our well-being.

Dr. O'Bryan's wisdom goes beyond theory. He's here to guide you toward tangible, transformative action. Tune in as he delivers practical, actionable advice on curating an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. From the most straightforward changes, like upping your water intake, to minimizing your exposure to toxins, these small steps can lead to monumental shifts in your overall well-being.



  • When you've been trying to fix a health problem and it's not working, you need a 30,000-foot view to see where the problem is coming from.
  • Inflammation is the result of the activity of your immune system. So, what is it trying to protect you from?
  • The level of toxicity we are being exposed to is accumulating yearly, and we have no genetic protection against it.
  • You have to change the environment around your cells to regenerate healthier cells.
  • Making small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your health.



  • [01:00] Importance of Taking a 30,000-Foot View of Health Issues
  • [02:00] Understanding the Role of Inflammation in Chronic Diseases
  • [08:00] The Significance of the Neural Zoomer Plus Test
  • [16:00] The Controversy Surrounding the Beta-amyloid Plaque Theory
  • [19:00] The Importance of Reducing Inflammation to Protect Brain Health


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