Episode 71: [Interview] Bioenergetics for Rapid Healing with Harry Massey

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Bioenergetics offers a unique approach to health by focusing on the energy and living systems within the body. By utilizing infoceuticals and supporting the body's natural healing processes, individuals can experience rapid progress in their health journey. Today, our guest provides valuable insights into the field of bioenergetics and its potential to transform health outcomes.  

We are thrilled to have a very special guest on this episode - Harry Massey, the founder of NES Health. Harry is a serial inventor and a true pioneer in the field of bioenergetics. Together, we explore how to make rapid progress in our health journey once we identify our root causes and discuss the importance of respecting the body's own healing processes. He shares his personal journey of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and how bioenergetic practices played a pivotal role in his recovery. 

Throughout the episode, we also touch upon Harry's exciting new venture, Energy4Life, which focuses on helping individuals master their life through mastering energy. Whether you're interested in purchasing their products, finding a practitioner for a scan and infoceuticals, or even becoming a bioenergetic health coach yourself, Harry shares all the details you need to know.



  • Harry Massey shares his expertise on how to identify and address the root causes of health issues. He emphasizes the importance of understanding our own bodies and respecting their natural healing processes. With his extensive research and exploration, Harry provides valuable insights on how to make rapid progress once we ascertain our root causes.
  • He sheds light on the concept of bioenergetics and how it can revolutionize our approach to healing and explains how becoming a bioenergetic health coach can empower us to take control of our own health and support others on their healing journeys.
  • His personal journey with chronic fatigue syndrome highlights the importance of having faith in a particular approach or technique. He encourages listeners to try different methods and techniques, giving them a fair chance to see what works best for their unique circumstances. By being open-minded and willing to experiment, we can uncover what truly works for us.


  • [00:01:14] Bioenergetics and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • [00:04:14] Infoceuticals and incredible healing reactions.
  • [00:05:43] Study of energy in living systems.
  • [00:09:20] Control system efficiency.
  • [00:11:07] Body communicates through energy fields.
  • [00:12:42] Accessing the body's energetic control system.
  • [00:17:19] The field of bioenergetics is advancing.
  • [00:19:08] Rejection rate of COVID.
  • [00:23:08] Research and publication bias.
  • [00:26:51] Anxiety and transforming faithfulness.
  • [00:27:28] Master your life through energy.


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