Episode 04: [Top Tips] Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD

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Holistic psychiatrist shares her 3 tips for self-ownership. You’ll learn that meeting your own needs and fully feeling your emotions is actually an aspect of self-care. Walking away, you’ll feel inspired to carve time out of your busy schedule just for your health. 

Top Tips: Dr. Kelly Brogan Shares her tips for Self-Ownership

Dr. Kelly Brogan has dedicated her career to helping people own their bodies and free their minds.

Today, we are lucky enough to hear 3 tips for self-ownership right from the expert herself!

Listen as Dr. Brogan shares: 

  1. The positive effects of going to bed at 9 PM for just one week.
  2. How to make space for your strong inconvenient emotions.
  3. Why asking yourself what you need invites a new way of listening.

By consciously making these decisions, you’ll boost your health through the power of intention.

After this episode, you’ll discover that it’s easier than you may think to carve time out of your busy day just for self-care.

FYI—Dr. Brogan and Sinclair filmed a longer and deeply profound episode. If you want to hear more from Dr. Brogan, click here to listen.

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