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Supercharged C60®


Potent Antioxidant to Support Longevity & Immunity

Support your health and longevity with Supercharged C60 — a specialized form of multi-layered fullerene nano-carbon structures that act as a powerful antioxidant. It’s at least ten times more potent than standard C60. C60 has been used for years to support detoxification, enhance the body’s defense against the harmful effects of aging, promote a healthy immune system, and support cellular function. Supercharged C60 is a brand name for a new nanocarbon molecule that has demonstrated incredible potent antioxidant properties.

  • Supports Detoxification

  • Promotes Health and Longevity

  • Boosts Immune Function

What Is Supercharged C60?

The Supercharged C-60 molecule’s unique structure results in a significantly higher capacity of suppressing free radical activity with each shell exposed. It has a much greater number of sites on the outer shell to interact with damaging free radicals than the single shell Regular C60.

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