Episode 28: [Interview] Dr. Beverly Yates - Why Haven't We Fixed Diabetes Yet?

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In today's episode of Your Health Reset, Dr. Beverly Yates addresses the real root causes behind our culture's diabetes epidemic and reveals how we can take back control of our health. You will learn about how diabetes can be prevented and cured.

So much money is made off of managing the disease rather than caring for health and helping people restore and be able to achieve healthy levels of blood sugar regulation and go on and just live their life.

Dr. Beverly Yates is a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine, diabetes expert, and creator of the Yates Protocol, an effective program for people with diabetes to live the life they love. She is on a mission to help 3 million people heal from type two diabetes and prediabetes.


  • Why haven't we fixed diabetes yet as a culture?
  • What are the mechanisms that keep this lie going.
  • That it's okay to have diabetes and you're stuck with it for the long term.
  • What are three to five lifestyle factors?

Memorable Quotes:

"Some people feel that it's more profitable to make money off of people who are ill than to help them live a healthy life."

"Big pharmaceuticals are set up to create customers, not success stories."

"Lifestyle plays a huge role for everyone with diabetes, including type One diet, exercise, stress management, sleep and timing of meals are also important for blood sugar regulation."

"Sleep is foundational to a healthy lifestyle."

"Fitness is key for blood sugar management and building muscle mass."

"The biggest myth about diabetes is that people feel isolated with it. People should not blame or shame others for their health issues. Blaming and shaming is not helpful."

Where to find the Guest:

Register for the Summit: https://diabetestransformation.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=31464

Website: https://drbeverlyyates.com

Free eBook Report: https://go.naturalhealthcare.com/cgm-ebook


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