Episode 53: [Explained] Oral and Dental Toxicity: Part 1

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Sinclair Kennally discusses the topic of oral and dental toxicity and its impact on gut health. The episode highlights the significance of gut health for overall well-being and explains how gut dysfunction can originate in the mouth due to hidden oral infections and dental toxicity.  

Amalgam fillings containing mercury are identified as a significant issue affecting many Americans and serving as the primary source of mercury exposure. The podcast notes that even individuals who have never had amalgam fillings can still be affected by maternal-fetal toxin transfer, which occurs across generations.

Kennally mentions that while the American Dental Association has acknowledged the potential drawbacks of dental amalgams, they continue to be widely used due to their durability and effectiveness in handling larger cavities. However, it is emphasized that approximately 80% of the mercury in amalgams off-gases at room temperature and higher, with 80% of that remaining in the body long term. This long-term mercury exposure can harm the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. Mercury is shown to directly impact the digestive system by contributing to a leaky gut and perpetuating dysbiosis. 

There are various symptoms that can arise from mercury toxicity, including immune issues, skin problems, and disruptions in sleep and digestion. Understanding the connection between dental health and gut health is deemed crucial, and the episode suggests employing strategies to directly tackle dental toxicity. The Rapid Gut Reset Program is mentioned as a resource that offers at-home therapies and access to dental experts 



Some of our favorite highlights from this episode include:

  • Sinclair Kennally emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues to maintain a healthy oral microbiome and protect against systemic problems and explains how hidden oral infections and dental toxins can lead to gut dysfunction. 
  •  Widespread use of amalgam fillings containing mercury and even individuals without amalgam fillings can be affected by maternal-fetal toxin transfer. Long-term exposure to mercury from amalgams has detrimental effects on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems.
  •  Chronic digestive symptoms in a significant portion of the population are linked to mercury amalgam issues. It is symptoms associated with mercury toxicity, ranging from immune issues and skin problems to disruptions in sleep, digestion, and mental health. 



  • [02:00] Importance of Addressing Root Causes of Chronic Illness
  • [05:00] Mercury in Amalgam Fillings and its Harmful Effects on the Body
  • [08:00] Traditional Dentistry's Use of Amalgam Fillings
  • [12:00] Mercury's Impact on Mental and Emotional Health


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