Episode 65: [Interview] Reverse Alzheimer's by Addressing Root Causes with Heather Sandison

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Sinclair Kennally brings on guest Dr. Sanderson, a leading authority on neurodegenerative issues, Alzheimer's, and dementia, who unveils groundbreaking strategies to take charge of your health and reverse these conditions. Prepare to be captivated by her expertise as she guides you toward renewed vitality and cognitive well-being.

Dr. Heather Sanderson passionately emphasizes that neurodegenerative diseases are not invincible. With Dr. Dale Bredesen's training as her foundation, she enlightens us about the pivotal role of addressing root causes. Uncover the dynamic interplay between toxins, nutrients, stress management, structural support, and infection prevention. Dr. Sanderson reveals a holistic blueprint that empowers you to manage and reverse these conditions.

Dr. Sanderson unveils the transformative power of optimizing cellular function throughout your body in this enlightening conversation. Break free from the traditional siloed approach and embrace a comprehensive strategy that promotes brain health through harmonious balance. She delves into the synergistic connection between a ketogenic diet and cognitive wellness, shedding light on its potential to reduce dementia risk.

Prepare to have your understanding of Alzheimer's turned on its head. Dr. Sanderson dispels the misconception surrounding beta-amyloid plaques, unveiling their true nature as a protective mechanism triggered by infections and toxins. With her guidance, you'll gain a fresh perspective on the complex puzzle of neurodegenerative conditions.



  • Dr. Sanderson's expertise uncovers the transformative potential of addressing toxins, nutrients, stress, structure, and infections.

  • Embark on a journey to optimize cellular function, nurturing brain health from within.

  • Learn the secrets of a ketogenic diet and its profound impact on reducing dementia risk.

  • Find the mystery behind beta-amyloid plaques and their connection to cognitive wellness.

  • Dr. Sanderson offers resources and support to help you implement these strategies at home, backed by the expertise of a Bredesen-trained provider.


  • [01:00] Dr. Heather Sanderson's Background and Skepticism about Reversing Alzheimer's
  • [03:00] The Side Effects of the Bredesen Approach and its Impact on Overall Health
  • [05:00] The Importance of Addressing Toxicity as a Root Cause of Dementia
  • [08:00] The Impact of Stress on Cognitive Functions and the Importance of Self-compassion
  • [10:00] The Relationship between Infections and Beta-amyloid Plaques in Dementia
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